The Butterfly House

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A contemplative reflection on metamorphosis, marking the conclusion of adolescence and the passage into adulthood.

The Butterfly House by Paris-based filmmaker Eva Wang is a film about metamorphosis, and the transition from adolescence to adulthood. It invites viewers to immerse themselves in its imagery and poetry, inviting them to explore the unspoken depths of the human experience.

Wang says: 'During my time in New York, I was fortunate enough to meet my cinematographer Evan Burris Trout. Our immediate desire to collaborate led to a project that came together swiftly and organically. We only had a few days to shoot, and I chose to do it at Coney Island. I found the place fascinating. There was a kind of sadness and chaos in a location that should be inherently innocent and childlike. I aimed to subtly convey this emotion through the discussion of butterflies and their metamorphosis, as it mirrors the transition from adolescence to adulthood. My goal was to preserve the innocence of these young individuals as they embark on their own metamorphosis, emerging from their cocoons to confront the world before them.'


Director : Eva Wang @wangave
Cinematographer : Evan Burris Trout @evanburristrout
Actors : Paul Retoux @paulretoux, Marie-Loire Moulin @marie_loire, Stacy Nsengiyumva @stacy.nsg , Mila Kasparian @milaksprn
Music Composer and Mix : Ethan Fellous @atnsoul
Voice over : Louiza Aura @louizaura , Isis Ahadji-Balla
Editor : Eva Wang @wangave
Color grader : Spyros Katsihtis @spyros_katzihtis
Typography : Royyyy Ulbright @royyyy_ulbright