The Other Mother's Day

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Any kind of mother is a mother, not by gender not by birth but by their hearts.

In Thailand every year there is a Mother's day celebration at schools. For some mothers, who don't fit into 'society norm,' this has become a day of anxiety, fear and self consciousness.

The Other Mother's Day is a semi-personal film by Thai filmmmaker Duangtawan Sirikoon that acts as an experimental celebration of what an inclusive mother's day would feel like for a group of mothers that have been made to feel like they are 'other', outcasts, something their children are acutely aware of. A group of mothers who are: transgender; in a gay couple; in extreme poverty; covered in tattoos.

Motherhood is expressed through the opinions and cheer of both children and mother - leaving us with the abundantly clear message: why on Earth would anyone/ society question the sanctity of these children's relationships with their rightful, loving mothers? And who's really doing the damage to the children's esteem?

Duangtawan Sirikoon 'For me it's a letter for my mom, because my mom was different. I was in elite preppy school where all the moms were the upperclass moms. My mom was not rich but she wanted me to be in good school. She always looked different with her make-up, her hippie clothes, she honestly looked like a gypsy. I often felt embarrassed and wanted her to look and have the money like my friends' mothers so I'd feel normal and belong. All the years went by, I realise that she is the coolest most loving mom I could ever ask for. She made me who I am today.'


Director - @missduangtawan @suneyeview

DOP - Andrew Strobridge @astrobridge

Producer - Teeruth Satitkul

Editor - Srawut Kaweethammwong