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Two women collaborate and embrace their differences, creating a new hybrid culture.

Third Space is a series of three episodes by filmmaker Jil Antener exploring the place where hybrid identifications are possible. The episodes examine a place where dialogues between cultures evolve and new things are allowed to come into existence,challenging the borders that separate societies. Borders instead are depicted as meeting zones.

Each episode focuses on women's insight into their hybrid worlds and the challenges and chances that come with it. Their thoughts are channelled through artistic mediums of dance, poetry or fashion.

Sinalo and Andrina zooms in on women in a collaboration. Andrina, a Swiss photographer. postindustrial and process designer, and Sinalo, a South African stylist and trendforecaster. Antener depicts the two women's visions combining, as well as their thoughts on embracing their differences, and building their own hybrid culture.

Antener << When I traveled to Cape Town to portray Sinalo and Andrina, they invited me to stay at their house during the time I was there. It didn’t take long for me to feel very connected to them and together we created a unique video portrait. When I stayed there, I realized that the discussion about cultural hybridity is still partly a sensitive issue, especially in South Africa. However, Sinalo and Andrina embrace their hybrid culture. This is what inspires me. Through Sinalo and Andrina, I gained new perspectives – which is exactly what the web series THIRD SPACE wants to accomplish. >>