Through a Glass Eye

Reality and the otherworldly collide in this poetic film which explores the art of taxidermy.

The line between reality and imagination becomes blurred with the resurrection of birds and the creation of a hybrid bestiary. Two artists are working at the periphery of the male dominated world of taxidermy. Interweaving their ornate art of resurrecting roadkill with archival footage of colonial hunting expeditions and dioramas, Through a Glass Eye reflects on competing perspectives to the natural world: mastery or kinship, captivity or conservation.

Granger-Jourdan says: 'As an amateur taxidermist, I was taught by artists who treasure the natural world and are conservation advocates. Through them, I discovered an appreciation of the meticulous nature of the craft and the skill it takes to bring an animal back to “life”.  There is also a strange, beautiful poetry to taxidermy that is for me infused with a touch of the spiritual and religious. It delves into a curious realm where life and death intersect and provokes us to contemplate our place within the natural order.Moving away from taxidermy’s association with trophy hunting or nineteenth-century diorama collections, I feel that it can be a vibrant and contemporary art form that is inclusive and fosters an appreciation for the natural world that inspires us to conserve it.'


Sound Mix: Jack Liden

Colour grading: Paul Bronkar

Special Thanks to: Lana Lin, Melissa Friedling, Jude Mundt, Morgan Powell, Ruby Dietz, Talha Jalal, Ekaterina Zapletina and AG Crist