Trust Me

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Animation and live-action intertwine in this bold, hybrid documentary about bipolar disorder

Anne battles with a life-changing diagnosis of bipolar disorder, experiencing forced hospitalization, defying stigma and embarking on a journey to reclaim her own narrative. Trust Me is an immersive story of mental health, as one woman transforms personal crisis into a universal tale of resilience.

Anne’s journey is unexpected, transformative and truly inspirational. And if that weren’t enough, her recounting of this ongoing odyssey sparkles
with humour, feminism and bravery.

This experimental short documentary directed by Melanie Cura Daball about her friend Anne, brings to life this timely, realist and underrepresented story about living with bipolar disorder.

A note from Anne, the co-writer and subject of the film: I used to judge people with mental health issues too, until I got to be one of them. I haven’t seen my illness represented on screen in a way that I could identify and relate with. In fiction, in the rare instances that women characters with bipolar are featured on screen, their depiction has been overwhelmingly sensationalist, romanticised, or reductive which all reinforce the dangerous stigma that people with bipolar are 'crazy'. Instead, I'd like to see real women with bipolar represented who allow others to understand the reality of learning how to live with the illness. The idea for this short documentary has grown from the friendship and trust I share with Melanie. It has led me to listen to the experiences of my close friends and family. This film has been my attempt to reassess it all with perspective, tackle the guilt, the shame and stigma, in the hope to reappropriate my story with an audience. The film has beautifully allowed my story to come into its own.

A note from Mel, the director and co-writer: When I realised that one of my closest friends wasn’t okay, I didn’t understand her symptoms, how to get through to her and how to help her. It was terrifying. I still vividly remember desperately trying to make sense of her behaviour and ending up making a significant call to her father which contributed to her being hospitalised against her will. I can only imagine how betrayed she must have felt...For both of us, this is a deeply personal film and experience and it's been yet another exercise of trust.



Nicole Schretlen Montes Anne
Harry J. Bartlett Ex Boyf - Adam
Nadia Førde Mel
Franciska B. Steiner Doctor
Pamela Hall Nurse
Paul Innocent Police Officer
Akaash Dev Shemar Friend


Director & Co-Writer Melanie Cura Daball
Co-Writer Anne Chataigné
Producer JIJO
Producer Chloe Abrahams

Animation Director Lisa Cruz
Animator Camille Gibut
Animator Ollie Magee
Animation Assistant Theodora Ghosh
Casting Director Zyrenka Cox
Cinematographer Natalja Safronova
Editor Kevin Corry @ The Assembly Rooms
Edit Producer Joshua Gochez @ The Assembly Rooms
Production Designer Giorgia Lee-Joseph
Production Asst. Mya Pask-Zulfikee
Production Asst. Bradley Smythe
Gaffer Hal Pilkington
Gaffer + Spark Dorothy Iskrzynska
Lighting Trainee Davey Grundy
Lighting Trainee Deborah Lajuwomi
Costume / MUA Andrea Mathe
Location Sound Recordist Pietro Giordano
Sound Recordist Rory Cargill
Sound Design & Mix Nick Bridge
Executive Producer Hannah Bush Bailey @ BFI Doc Society
BFI Doc Society Shanida Scotland, Sandra Whipham,
Suzanne Alizarin, Kate Moore
Made in Association with Bipolar UK