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An ode to movement as a means of surrendering to your body.

Ceara McEvoy is a filmmaker hailing from Cape Town, based in London. Her short film WINGS considers post-pandemic apprehension and seeking solace in movement. The short takes us through the mind and body of dancer, Wing. She expresses the anxiety of removing the familiar from one’s everyday life.  WINGS is a manifesto to self, told through the meditative imagery of moving hands, limbs and soul against a backdrop of blue and under a solar spotlight. The remedy to this inward battle of fear was using movement to cope.

Ceara McEvoy "I spent an afternoon with dancer, Wing, and she expressed how she used movement everyday during lockdown to help fight her own personal mental demons.

I hope this film offers some sense of comfort that it really is something so many of us are struggling with daily and it’s about finding your own antidote.

This is a pure and authentic expression of my own personal struggle with anxiety and searh for the antidote of mental escape."


Director, DOP, Editor - Ceara McEvoy @cearamcevoy