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'A journey of moving forward yet constantly being pulled back'

Inspired by London topography and the way in which we subconsciously navigate through the city, 'Your Turn' by filmmaker Nicolee Tsin and choreographer Leanne Vincent represents the constant feeling that replays in their heads - a journey of moving forward yet constantly being pulled back and trying to breakthrough that momentum. Nicolee and Leanne use film as a tool to speculate and record movement. The emotive soundscape was designed by Dimitri Defossé / Back In The Childhood

Living in London and existing in this space, we all become so unconscious of the way we follow these monotonous maps, directions, and habits, we don't realise we can stop if we choose. We did this by going to a setting that we felt took us away from this, allowing us to create the sense of freedom in mind and body. This feeling initiated a continuation of ideas and choices we then made. Our approach was experimental and instinctive. The spontaneity of both the performer and filmmaker drives what is visually experienced and additionally, the element of sound coexists as an important impulse to the dance. As Leanne progresses, she translates the present moment into unrelenting motion and an expression of empowerment.