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After a moment of profound connection to nature, a young isolated woman copes with supernatural changes to her body and world.

Anthropoplastic is a word I made up from ANTHROPO (Greek) - Men/Women/Human being and PLASTIC.

So - how to define it - it’ll be something like a “person made of plastic or that produces plastic”

Malú Anavitarte is a cuban filmmaker based in Florida.  Her work explores the connection between the female body and the environment. Anthropoplastic continues this theme, following a young woman who becomes polluted with plastic waste when she viscerally becomes one with 'nature'.

Anavitarte << More than a year ago I started trying to become zero waste. This is obviously very difficult nowadays, so I always ended up with some plastic at home anyway. That made me feel so guilty. So I held onto all that extra plastic so it didn’t end up in the sea. Before I realized it my house was full of garbage. I always wanted to make an environmental short, I wanted to talk about whales and other sea animals being killed by our waste. So when I found myself surrounded by all that plastic, the idea of transferring this conflict to a human being just came naturally. The image of a woman throwing up a plastic bag helped me build the story.
It always was more of a character based story, and my own anxiety was a great inspiration. But then Sonia Royal, the actress, got so involved and put so much of herself into it that the mood of the film was even more beautiful than anything I could imagine. >>