Astonishing Little Feet

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A story of Afong Moy, the first documented Chinese woman to come to the USA and her fetishisation for profit.

Astonishing Little Feet captures the story of Afong Moy, the first documented Chinese woman to come to the United States of America, who realizes the men who separated her from her family want to profit off the peculiarities of her bound feet. 

Director Maegan Houang reimagines a defining moment in Asian American history with this fictionalized dramatization of a young sixteen-year-old Afong Moy, who was brought to New York by merchants to advertise their Chinese import business. The film investigates the audience’s desire to ‘behold’ something as foreign and exotic as her small feet. It subverts the concept of “body horror” by asking the audience to question who gets to decide what is “horrific” and why.

 The film stars Hong Kong-born and NYC-raised actress Celia Au with a special appearance by Perry Yung, actor, and musician. Perry is also a traditionally trained Japanese shakuhachi flute player and has recorded it for film and television. 


Starring @itsceliaau, @perryyungofficial, Robert Lewis Stephenson, Brian Wallace, @maxfaugno and @robertbrettenaugh

Writer/Director: @houangm

Producer: @pinchunliu

EPs: @gkstudio @laurifirstenberg @ladysir

Director of Photography: @Christopher.c.ripley

Production Designer: @terr_watson3

Editor: @gus.spelman

Composer: @ohyung

Costume Designer: Anne Valliant

HMU: @redkellymakeup

Casting Director: @tanya.giang

Co-EP: @somethingcheeky

Sound Design & Mix: @snowglobesound

Lead VFX Artist: @jeffdesom

Animator: @niwakins

Production Manager: @johnjlozada

1st AD: Ted Keffer

2nd AD: Kat McArdle

Associate Producer: @poweisub

Script Supervisor: Merina Seidel

Language Consultant: @iamaliceko

Set PAs:  @ferran_moves_west, Slava Makarov

Production Intern: Max Hickman

Art Director: @jdizo

Scenic: Alexandra Papoban

Art PA: L@nhan.quang.le

Lead Man: Angel de La Rosa

Set Dressers: Franki Wujcik, Vincent Quintana, Yingxi Wan

1st AC: @jacobperry15, @felipe_larrondo

Loader: @djxhamsta

2nd AC:  @mosamraa

Still Photographer: @peteyimage

Gaffer: @chasedubose

BBE: Vahagan Gukasyan

Swing: Tanner Johnson

Key Grips: Luke Poole, Lance Gegner, Brandon Diaz

BBG: Myles Evenson

Swings: Erik Gold, Ricky Ramon Velazquez

Production Sound Mixer: @gabelinkiewicz

Key Makeup & Hair: Akihiro Sawada

Healthy Safety Supervisors: Loreto Rodriguez, Wayne Landry, Joowan Bosco Kim

On Set VFX Supervisor: @coopvchrn

VFX Artist: Matthew Wauhkonen

Title Design: Laura Nasir-Tamara

Colorist Christopher Ripley

ADR Recordist: Mauricio Escamilla