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17-year-old Mara struggles to retain autonomy within a turbulent relationship.

Throughout the night, at the pub and beside the road, a teenager Mara’s bitter night unfolds an unsettling similarity between vulnerability and humiliation.

The director Abigail Porter Feavers says: I intended to craft a narrative that, upon reflection, could be reconstructed and examined, focusing solely on what occurs within Mara’s immediate surroundings that night. There is no clear answer for what happened before the film, in short, what the truth is.I wanted this short to be a mirror, reflecting the realities of victim-blaming culture and calling for collective action, to convey the idea that victims of sexual harassment do not need to be entirely virtuous or flawless individuals. BOUND first began as a graduation film for my Film and Television Studies BA at UAL, but due to the first lockdown in March 2020 the production was stalled. It wasn't until a year and a half later, with a new crew, that production began.With heaps of help from wonderful, kind and talented individuals and a shed-load of perseverance, BOUND has been finished, a statement my friends and family have longed to hear and something I am very proud of.


Written & Directed by Abigail Porter Feavers @feavwers

Produced by Luke Kulukundis and Abigail Porter Feavers

Director of Photography Anand Singh

Production Designer Hannah Eccles

Music Composer Louis Sterling-Snell

Sound Desinger Kindr Chambers

Editor Abigail Porter Feavers

First Assistant Director Mateo Villaneauva Brandt

Stunt & Intimacy Coordinator Haruka Kuroda

Casting Director Abigail Porter Feavers

Art Department Assistant Mollie Gallagher

Gaffer Chaimaa Ormazábal
1st Assistant Camera Darkie Molin

Spark Hannah Fossard-Jones

Sound Recordist Timotej Baca

Hair & Makeup Rosie Heley

Script Supervisor Emily Brown

Driver Cara Reddy

Runner Kali Kulukundis