Cherry Teeth

Three interconnected characters in a crime-ridden city where cannibalism has become a part of daily life

A future-noir animation by London-based Nigerian artist Izzy Aghahowa follows three interconnected characters and a snippet of their lives in a crime-ridden city where cannibalism is a part of day to day life. The film showcases the turbulent political state of the city as well as the group of violent anarchists trying to change the city through extreme means. These three main characters have all had their lives changed by cannibalism and we see how it ultimately culminates.

'I have always loved surreal, experimental and bizarre stories and visuals', says Izzy Aghahowa and continues, 'all kinds of alternative media have inspired me for as long as I can remember. I have always loved the horror genre as I loved how it was willing to push boundaries and invoke deep, guttural emotions within the viewer. I want to create works that make people feel something dynamic and interesting and even a little bit uncomfortable, something that pushes their sensibilities and understandings of the world and their relationships. Horror games and horror movies as well as the surrealist art movement have particularly had a profound impact on me as an artist and creative. I've come to really adore creating bold, vibrant and intense visuals that feel completely expressive and bluntly stylistic due to so many of my inspirations and favourite pieces of media being of that same stylistic confidence. I feel as though I have accomplished my creative goals with my debut short film ‘Cherry Teeth’ making something that feels completely me and unabashedly human.The story of the film came from this idea of a city that has normalised and accepted cannibalism on multiple levels, politically, economically and societally. A city divided by whether you accept cannibals or utterly reject them. I wanted it to be simple as to not get bogged down in trivial details as I wanted to focus on the main internal conflict of the city and how these characters play into it. I wanted to make something new and challenging, mixing the language of graphic novels, digital art and animation, creating a hybrid piece that works as an animated graphic novel of sorts. It took me about six months to make from beginning to end, with a month or two of that being spent on figuring out the story and the characters and the type of cityscape I wanted to create. At the time I was getting inspired by so many brilliant horror, thriller and neo-noir pieces of media that it naturally leaned towards that. I believe my dedication and passion for this project ultimately comes through in the final film and I am proud of what I was able to accomplish as a first-time animator working by themselves.'


Created by @izzyaghahowa