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Story about six young people from post-Olympics Barcelona and their sensitive perspective on existence

Part fashion film, part visual essay on emotional state of late millenials, Chico Sensible was created by Barcelona-based director Anna Karinvinge in collaboration with fashion label Outsiders Division. Playing with the brand's slogan for their collection - Sensitive Boy - and the contrasting happy-go-lucky colours of clothes, Karinvinge created a sensitive, nuanced film about emotive existence of today's youth:

'I have always defended the idea of the human being as a sentient being, beyond being only rational. 

Emotional illiteracy leads us to extreme situations where the handleing incapacity overcomes us due to lack of tools. That's why I fell in love with the concept Chico Sensible (Sensitive Boy) of Outsiders Division, I fell in love with what it claims.

Among my closest group of friends there are three of them who I consider to have a special sensitivity: Miki, Ari and Irene. We decided to find three more friends, which turned out to be Mila, Daniel and Manel to make some personal interviews with each one. 

Then we asked things that nobody wants to talk about. It was kind of an emotional coming out of the closet. After that, I wrote the script based on what they said on those earlier interviews and based on my point of view of the situation. 

Chico Sensible has, in my opinion, a very personal but also, maybe, a kind of universal statement for all the city kids: It is ok to be aware of your emotional needs and free yourself from certain weights through self-acceptance. It may sound as a cliché, but the process of realizing and practicing that is tough as f**k for some of us.'