Cicatrices (Scars)

Directed by
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PREMIERE - anonymous women describe how they transformed their wounds into strengths, memories, "lucky charms".

Trigger Warning: Contains stories of extreme violence towards women.

C-sections, scoliosis, mastectomies, accidents, tortures… 11 women and trans people, bound by a significant trauma, speak openly, with no barriers.

Paris born filmmaker Hannah Rosselin looked into this documentary after suffering a traumatic physical incidence herself. Channelling her trauma around scars she decided to make this film. It has her usual themes of finding the beauty in every person's story, and relating them so the cast feels like a family, not yet connected.

'Acceptance eases my pain'. 'After the anger, the relief.' 'After all, a scar can also be a trace, simply written evidence of healing.'

Hannah Rosselin 'On January 20, 2020, while riding my motorcycle, I was hit by a bicycle. A six-hour operation, the risk of never walking again, a limp, the threat of amputation if the leg becomes infected, three scars. Marked forever, on the body and in the mind, I feared the look of the other on my new body. I questioned my femininity before my own healing. Privileging aesthetics over my suffering.

I talked with women around me who have scars like me. I understood that this mark is the proof that we have healed. That we are survivors and the proof that the body doesn't need anyone.'

Hannah Rosselin is now writing the feature film of "Cicatrices" with Gedeon Programs, a well-known production company specialized in the documentary in Paris.

This short film was nominated for the international competition of the Music & Cinema festival in Marseille. The composer, Maxence Dussère, received the honorary awards.

The project has also been exhibited with additional photographs, at the Lucid Interval Gallery in Paris, organized by États de corps.


Directed and shot by @hannahrosselin

With Léonie et Célestine⁠, Naëlle⁠, @fazila_cadjee @marxsarah @felicityhelenshaw @hannahrosselin @gaelle_______  @franky_gogo  @frenchy151

Produced by

Edited by @vincent.tricon

Music by @maxeredussence

Colorgraded by Vincent Heine⁠

Thank you @julesdvsn @lolaburelle @etatsdecorps @laureorsetprelet @jrosselin @louchicoteau @cecilia_michaud @lekikidkiki