Eight To Five

Directed by
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An office worker by day, radio vigilante by lunch break, sets the record straight on air.

'I've always wanted to make a short film on 16mm film, but never had enough money. I had one roll of film left from a music video shoot and it's been sitting in my fridge for over a year. I decided to create film for which one roll is enough. This is how "Eight to Five" was born.'

Sasha Lebedeva, a music video director based in LA, shot this micro short with only one roll of 16mm film and tiny crew of friends. The result is a wonderful case in point for lo-fi, low budget filmmaking and beauty that can be found in resourcefulness.


Directed and edited by Sasha Lebedeva (@lllsasha)

Starring David Orlowitz (@orlovsdogs)

Cinematography and color grade by Fio Karpenko (@fiokarpenko)

Assistant camera Pavel Gazdyuk (@pablo_honey)

Original sound by Jason Tibi (@tibi.jason).