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A sci-fi noir where a woman's vital body parts become connections to natural worlds.

Elektra is a short fashion enthused film by Italian director and previous winner of Best Fashion Film at Milano's Fashion Film Festival, Guilia Achenza. Achenza's work predominantly depicts strong female roles with darker psychological tones and often uncanny suggestions of other worldly connections.

Achenza lures us away from the typical mother earth and instead invites us to see a more complicated connection 'between the woman and flesh and soul and nature. It is not always benevolent, but mysterious and hard.' A man/ android presents itself through the film and we are left unanswered questions as to what the elusive male represents within this symbolic string of worlds.

"I like to play with contrast between something dirty and something clean, rather than something elegant and balanced," Achenza's interest is in finding the complications, not the answers, to a woman's psyche and presence in the world.

Clothes and Art Direction by Nono Leni.