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The missing bits of time we never seek to imagine, strung together by one simple coordinate.‍

"__ / __ / __" explores the limits of time and it’s course. It captures the trip to different instants, always from the same place, expanding the possibilities of the ellipsis and giving birth to an artistic universe that evokes memories using always the same spacial coordinates.

Spanish filmmaker Claudia Barral draws inspiration from Richard McGuire’s seminal comic Here for the multi-layered video where each date has a temporal relationship: conforming to a family tree of the house. In this way, "__ / __ / __" is an invitation to the viewer to spot little stories and connections between the overlayed pictures.

"This project started from my personal discovery of Richard McGuire’s work. I connected with the concept of Here in a way that inspired in me an artistic reflection of time and space. I started to develop the story with my father, who is a writer and, at the same time, the most suitable person to support me in this personal journey, and between us we elaborated the script that gave voice to the story.

Parallelly, I began the laborious process of searching for locations. The house was crucial for the principal plot and for the secondary plots that were developed within it too. Once we found it, everything flowed and we were able to finish the script. "

Usually, going from one shoot to another involves the passage of time (a second, a minute, a year...) It reflects in a delicate way these ellipses where things that we don’t see happen and, at the same time, lead us from one situation to another in a more or less linear manner. What happens if we maintain this still space and we let time pass but always in the same place?