Erna's Little Trip of Life

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Life in a rolling home away from societal pressures.

Scottish filmmaker Coleen Brennan's documentary Erna's Little Trip of Life is a short portrait offering an exclusive look into the life of an Independent, self sufficient woman living on her own terms. The film explores her unique lifestyle and fierce mindset.

Erna doesn't succumb to the societal pressures of how 'life' should look. She is a full time van lifer. She travels around Europe in her rolling home alongside her pets Henry, Floki and Daisy. Brennan follows Erna in her daily routine and finds out what brings her true joy. She finds out how Erna has built her off the grid. life, completely independently.

Brennan 'I met Erna in February of this year and instantly felt welcome aboard her little rolling home with Henry, Floki and Daisy. I was fascinated by her mindset and way of life, a true independent woman living on her own terms. I have always loved the idea of living on the road, so Erna's story has inspired me in a number of ways. She is a warm soul and a joy to be around, so I had to make a film about her. The film was shot over one day on an icy winter day. It was initially going to be filmed as part of a university project with a full crew. But due to some unforeseen circumstances I Directed, Shot and Edited the film independently, and released it as my own.'