Everything Is As It Should Be

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Framed as a guided meditation, this comedy short pokes fun at the realities of living alone during the pandemic.

Kylie Murphy is a filmmaker based in the greater NYC area who works as a freelance editor and DP. Everything Is As It Should Be is a comedy about a meditation guide living alone during the pandemic. It was shot entirely over Zoom, with Kylie directing from NJ and the actress, Giselle Bonilla, acting in LA. The two shot the whole film over one weekend on a GoPro suction cupped to Giselle’s window, connected to Zoom by a possibly first-of-its-kind web of wires that Kylie created after lots of research and testing. In an article for No Film School, Murphy explained how she made it.

Kylie Murphy 'It feels like we’re just about to think about the possibility of beginning to consider maybe someday trying to potentially process what life has been like on planet Earth since March 2020. With this film, I propose that it might feel good to have a little laugh about it.

I imagine this past year might not feel so different for others who live with illness like myself. The isolation, the hyper awareness of the body. The feeling that we should be using this time to make ourselves better. With this film, I wanted to explore growth as something cyclical — it rises and falls like the breath. It is made up of so many specific and imperfect moments that we cannot see it for ourselves.'


Writer / Director / DP / Editor / Producer - Kylie Murphy @kypicture

Starring Giselle Bonilla @locanilla

Produced by Camila Grimaldi @camilagrimaldi_ Frances Mar @francesmar__

Sound Mix and Design - Diego Arancibia, Marcelo Galluzzo

Original Music by Mateo Nossa @mateonossa

Title Animation by Cristina Villegas @mindful.cactus