Fetishize Me

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A surrealist game show pits women against one another.

Fetishize Me, a surreal game show format piece is a spiritual sequel to Florence Kosky and Jessamine Bliss Bell’s 'Neither Seen Nor Heard' (which you can also find on our website). In this absurdist exploration of objectification, different female contestants enter into a game show hosted by the misogynistic Jonathan who pushes them to their limits in the hopes they might win a cash prize.

Director Florence Kosky noted: 'Bringing levity to social criticism is the best way to make audiences not feel like they are being shouted at and hopefully actually affect change in some small way. Feeling objectified is something I think everyone, particularly female-identifying folks, have experienced and it is often triggered by something we have no control over. It’s almost as if we can’t exist without something being fetishised, no matter if to us that thing is not at all sexual. I think Jessamine’s script was super intelligent in the way it explored the different reactions that we have to that; rage or embarrassment or playing up to it. There was something really human amongst the ridiculousness that I was drawn to and wanted to highlight.'


Starring Issa Lish, Emma Breschi, Jessamine Bliss Bell and Aofie Hinds
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Director - Florence Kosky @floskyyx
Writer, Producer - Jessamine Bliss Bell @jessamineblissbell
DOP - Owain E Morgan @o_e_morgan
Production Designer - Stef Lucchesi @stefanialucchesi
Editor - Joseph Tims @editortims
Composer - Sam Doyle @samdoyle
Makeup Design - Beau Tiger Rae @lilbeaurae & Carly Roberts @carlyroberts_
Styling - Claudia Cerasuolo @claudia_cerasuolo
1st AD - Sabine Khabiri @sabinekhabiri
Colourist - Karol Cybulski @imkarol.colour
VFX - Steve Askey
Sound Design - Benzene @benzeneparis
GFX - Pete Quintana @peachquintana
Caricature Design - Esmeralda Voegele Downing @vilechild
Production Company - Waddon Media @waddonmedia