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A friendship between an old man and a troll tests the lengths of time.

Forglemmegei, or Forget Me Not, is set deep in the Norwegian forest, where an old man, lives an orderly and quiet life.

Closed off from the rest of the world, he spends his days together with his lifelong friend, a troll. Together they share an everyday routine, drinking tea and taking care of each other. One day the troll begins to hint that the time has come for him to leave the comfort of their home.

Not wanting to face the consequences of reality, the man sticks to his routines, maintaining their daily life. One morning, the
troll is gone. Trying to restore balance to his life, the old man leaves his home in search of the troll, only to find himself getting lost in his own mind, entangled in his fears. In his darkest moment, he realizes that in order to find peace, he needs to accept the fate of his friend.

Norwegian artist Katarina Lundquist << When I came up with the initial idea for Forglemmegei, I only knew that I wanted to make a film where I could share the scenery and folklore of Norway; specifically mountains and trolls. As I kept developing the story I added more and more personal experiences into it -the old man’s cabin is for example based off of my grandparents’ cabin, and the story between the two main characters is a story of loss and grief, something my family has had to deal with several times since I was young.

Seeing as this was a graduation film, I had the pleasure of making Forglemmegei together with 12 classmates. Being Norwegian, you basically know everything about trolls and the folklore surrounding them - we even sing a lullaby about trolls to children when you tuck them into bed...
So having team members from different countries who didn’t know anything about trolls was for sure a fun experience! We put so much love and effort into creating our very own version of a Norwegian troll.

During the production, I remember wondering if people who would see Forglemmegei would be able to enjoy it as much as I would like them to - since all the Norwegian references add another layer to the film for me which other people might miss. But then again, the feeling of losing someone you love is international, which is why I think people can relate so strongly to this film.
The feedback so far has been overwhelming, and I’m really happy people are enjoying Forglemmegei, seeing as it’s such a personal film for me.>>