Mocumentary satirizing the confused ideologies of Liberal middle-to-upper-class twenty-somethings.

If you ever studied at liberal arts school or have been on internet lately,this one will sound familiar.

In this mockumentary, directors Iona Champain and Pip Woolley zoom in on Tils (Iona Champain), a second-year Art student at Goldsmiths University, discussing her work process and the ins-and-outs of student life, all intrinsically connected to the current socio-political climate.

While Woolley, based in Mexico, is an experienced director and producer, it is is a directorial debut for Champain, London-based actor and drag king who also portrayed Tils with painful accuracy but a good portion of tongue-in-cheek pathos.

Champain says: 'Pip and I wanted to make this film in order to explore the confusion and contradictions that seem to be engulfing the supposedly Liberal ideologies of the young, white middle-class. Made in 2021, Goldfish stemmed out of a time of hysterical do-gooding and performative politics, and we feel the content is just as relevant now as it was then.

We wanted to criticise the inadequacy of our own political thinking: whilst Tils is an exaggerated character with views that oppose our own, Pip and I belong to the demographic that we are challenging. We wanted to use comedy to encourage a more open discussion of one's own fallibilities, in order to tackle some of the more harmful consequences of the edgy elite. We are pointing a finger: at our friends, at ourselves, at a demographic that boycotts Oatly whilst cutting imported cocaine with daddy's credit card.That's the wanky stuff; it's also just a laugh. People are hilarious.'


Written and Directed by Iona Champain and Pip Woolley

Starring - Iona Champain as Tils

DOP - Angus Mitchell

Producer - Erica Adarve

Production Assistant - Nell Gordon-Hall

Sound Operator - Ben Carter

Set Design and Art Department - Molly Crisp

Editor - Josh Pickup

Additional Editors - Ellie Stiles and Borja Torres

Original Music - Mack Jamieson

Colourist - Josh Pickup