Gubbara [Balloon]

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A boy wears his flaws proudly, until one day he's forced to reconsider..

Gubbara is a story about a boy who is different from the rest. With his endearing balloons sprouting from his head he tries to ignore the looks, laughs and peer pressure from the other boys his age, but ultimately his insecurities get the better of him. Will he find love for himself? (Beware for the cutest ending!)

This film was Mumbai Director Moksha Poojary's first narrative short film. It was shot on a zero budget with a two women crew and 10th-grade children with no acting experience. This surreal, coming-of-age film has a very sweet, personal undertone, which Moksha explains comes from her own experience struggling with feeling 'other'.

Moksha Poojary 'I made this film with one question in mind - "What would you do if your flaws were on display?"

Growing up I always felt different like there was something wrong with me. I was conscious of what people were thinking about me as if every flaw of mine were on display. I was scared of judgement. So in order to avoid all of these scary things, I decided to change what I wore, how I talked, and the way I presented myself, in short, I changed myself just so people could like me.

And in the process, I always wondered if there was someone else out there like me, who has gone through the same experiences and who also does not fit in. As I grew, I realised I am not alone, there are a lot of people who are different and even they are wondering and in search of others they can relate to.

So I made this film as a reminder for people who are different that you are not alone and you don’t need to burst your Gubbara for others.

And to answer the question mentioned before, I think I would let myself be me and not care about what other people think, because my flaws will only help me find more people I can relate to and make more real and deeper connections.'


Director/ Writer - Moksha Poojary

DOP - Moksha Poojary @mokshapoojaryy

Dhwani Barot @dhwanibarott

Editor- Moksha Poojary @mokshapoojaryy