His Assistant

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A trainee is made to feel uncomfortable on her first day on set.

“To photograph people is to violate them, by seeing them as they never see themselves, by having knowledge of them that they can never have; it turns people into objects that can be symbolically possessed.” – Susan Sontag, On Photography (1977)

London based director Lallie Doyle creates a narrative that demonstrates micro-aggressions on set, within a male dominated industry. One that so many young trainee women can understand. In this film, a trainee photographic assistant, Billie Simon, tries to capture the attention of a severe, emotionless photographer during a chaotic fashion shoot in London. Billie is a driven, wide-eyed 22-year-old who has landed the opportunity to assist the infamous photographer Henry Blake. However, set in a soulless photography studio in London, His Assistant soon explores the barriers in her way as she tries to impress, and the psychology of being a woman both in front and behind the camera.

This is a story of how one photographer manipulates the feelings of his assistant through a viewfinder. And how the final image that is shaped, moulded, and angled conceals the reality of that flash moment, more than it exposes.

Lallie Doyle 'There was something quite wonderful and deeply chaotic about making a film about being clueless on set, whilst being completely clueless on set.'


Writer and Director: Lallie Doyle - @lallie____

Assistant Director: Ali Copland - @alcopland

Director of Photography: Beatriz Delgado-Mena @beatriz.delgado.dop

Focus Puller: Henry Keep -@henrykeep_camera_crew

2 nd AC: Teresa Adamson -@teresaadamsonmancac


Barney Curran - @barneycurran1

Luke Greenan -@luke_greenan

Jamie Legge -@imagine_jamie

Sound Recordist:

Andres Hagedorn - @andreshagedorn

Hair and Make up:
Raquel Beatanzos Rego - @reibetan

Props and Costume stylist:

Jessica Doyle - @the_simple_stylist_

Props and Costume stylist assistant:
Pansy Doyle - @pansy_d

Featuring clothes by:

Nicole Zisman - @nicole_zisman

Chaney Diao  - @chaney_dms

Production Managers:

Mariana Caldeira -@marianaacaldeira

Millie Howard - @millieahoward

Production Assistants:

Jack Crawford

Libby Cavaye - @libbycavaye

Daniel Radzinsky - @danradzinsky
Yu Ching Yau

Edited by: Lallie Doyle

Titles and graphics: Sean Connors - @_seanconnors_

Original score by: Silvio Vincent - @SilvioVincent.official

Sound Design and mix: Harrison White - @cue.point.audio

Location: Lock Studios London - @lockstudios


Alice McMillan - @mcmillanbawz

Oseloka Obi

Alastair G. Cumming

Dhruv Satpute - @dhruvsatpute_

Anna Carle - @afcarle

Julia Westerman - @julia.westerman

Zooey Gleaves - @lagoon_femshayma

Katharine Doyle - @syddviscose