Hit and Run

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A satirical film about modern British politics and tactics of distraction.

London's RCA animation student Hannah Brewerton animation short Hit and Run, is a direct reaction to UK politics. Fuelled by the absurdist rallies of UK's 2019 general election, Brewerton decided to visualise politicians' never ending untruths in a satirical fashion: Frontbencher and Backbencher Brits playing baseball, outside of the House of Commons.

Hannah Brewerton 'The idea for the film came from an image that came to mind while listening to the radio one morning just before the UK General Election 2019. It was the then Chancellor of the Exchequer with a massive shiny head and a baseball bat. He was violently batting away policy questions with the slogan ‘Get Brexit Done’. I was influenced by the way the conservatives were running their campaign - not unlike Trump in 2016 - by derailing interviews, refusing invitations to debate, lying, cheating, generally doing anything they could to distract the public from anything tangible that might influence their voting. Observing this as a citizen, it was like being gathered to watch the spectacle, which turned out to be awful, without permission to leave the arena. It was infuriating.

I’m a huge fan of how satire evokes and negates the absurd elements of our realities. But attempting to form a topical critique with such a slow and laborious craft proved really problematic. Since the events that inspired this film, the world has changed more than any of us could have imagined and it’s hard to see how any kind of relevance can be maintained. What I tried to focus on was capturing the atmosphere of the time, the absurd narratives that emerged, the chaos, the divisive players focused only on winning the game with no regard for what comes next, and the empty numbness that followed. '


Animation Director: @hannahbrewerton


Sound Design: Alistair Hobson @ahsounddesign

Music: Rebecca Nisco @rebeccaniscomusic

Animation Assistants: Yiqiao Lan @byeberryblue, Wenzhe Xu, Kathrin Steinbacher @kathrin_steinbacher

Colouring Assistants: Yiqiao Lan, Nayanika Chatterjee @isthisart__, John Summerson @johnsummerson, Chloé Hamon @leon_moh_cah, Elizabeth Stephenson @leechstep