Isle of Chair

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A chair repairing Giant gives his chairs a second life, as we explore what makes something pretty, useful, normal.

On a secluded Island, a chair has fallen down, the friendly chair fixer sees something worth saving. Isle Of Chair makes us feel something for the object. Broken chairs, abandoned chairs, chairs lost in space, chairs beside steaming cups of coffee, chairs in rain, chairs in homes, each chair is looked at by the chair fixer with a tender eye.

This series of images is inspired by a quote from author Haruki Murakami,

'Most people go about their lives not conscious of their deformities, while in this little world of ours the deformities themselves are a precondition.'

Taiwan born, London based filmmaker Ivyy Chen asks, 'If a fallen chair symbolises death, loss, damage and dysfunction, would you want to help the chair to stand again? If the chair can never stand in a way that you prefer, would you accept that? how would you face it?

Society often seems to believe that it’s not OK to fall down. They celebrate extroverts. But I wanted to celebrate people who go through difficult times, because that’s natural too.'


Film by @ivyychentw