Low Tide

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Reeling from a recent breakup, Paula attempts an escape from her life by relocating to a beach house away from the city. When mysterious sculptures begin washing ashore and finding their way into her home, her emotional state begins to unravel.

Amid the aftermath of a breakup, Paula rents a beach house in New Jersey to "get away" and reconnect with herself. When she begins finding ceramic sculptures washed up on the shore, she decides to collect them. After some pseudo-friends visit and exude judgemental energy, she feigns progress and confidence. After they leave, she begins to unravel mentally. The sculptures from the beach seem to have a mysterious life of their own and though she initially attempts to fight against it, she succumbs -- ultimately becoming a sculpture herself.

This story was originally conceived of as a Twilight Zone-esque project set in NYC but due to the pandemic, it was temporarily shelved. Ultimately the team decided to improvise with the script and shoot at a beach house in New Jersey.

In late 2017, Hillary Sproul met the Brazilian artist Maíra Senise through mutual friends. After Hilary expressed the desire to get back into acting following a five-year hiatus, Maíra introduced her to her mother, filmmaker Paula Gaítan. Hilary found Paula really inspiring as she herself had only gotten into filmmaking following the death of her husband, legendary filmmaker Glauber Rocha.

Hilary Sproul further says: 'Paula encouraged me to start by just making my own film and wanting to involve Maira, I wrote a script in which Maira's ceramic sculptures acted as a motif for my own feelings of rumination following a traumatic breakup. Ultimately, Low Tide is an experimental narrative film centered around the pitfalls of the emotional and mental loops we sometimes find ourselves trapped in-- especially when enmeshed in toxic relationships. The ceramic sculptures act as a motif for the rigidity of the main character’s inner world and ultimately lead to her demise, as she hardens during her self-imposed emotional purgatory.'



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Director @hazelmckibbin

Producer & Writer @hillaryesthersproul

Co-Producer @corned_beef_hash_tag

Executive Producer @timothyivanmusic

Cinematography @huntertherrick

Editor @rachel__warren

Production Design @mairasenise & @celinaarslanian

Costume Design @yetyakinola

Sound Design & Composer @stringersounds

Assistant Camera - Govinda Angulo

2nd Assistant Camera @traviisimo

Gaffer @gabesolo13

Sound Recordist - Manuel Ermecheo

Colorist - Maria Carretero & Jose Font at @assemblypost

Color Producer - Veronica Webb

Contributing Editor @dirtywork.nyc




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