No Crying At the Dinner Table

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Vietnamese-Canadian filmmaker Carol interviews her family in an effort to represent and give voice to the complexity of intergenerational trauma.

Vietnamese-Canadian filmmaker Carol Nguyen made a film which she hoped would give a voice and representation to the experiences of women and minority communities. At 21, Carol decided to interview her own family to craft an emotionally complex and meticulously composed portrait of intergenerational trauma, grief, and secrets in this cathartic documentary about things left unsaid. It's a film that allows us to look at family in a different way, that family is individuals and at the same time, family is one.

Nguyen "I am constantly learning and unlearning as a second-generation Vietnamese Canadian. It is a constant process of understanding my upbringing, my belonging in the world, why I am who I am, finally, what I want to preserve. I believe these thoughts are universal and ones in which many children of immigrants deal with. In "No Crying" you can witness my family directly addressing these themes and pushing towards unity and understanding, even with the barriers set between us."