Quattro Movimenti: A Study on Scelsi

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A primal world where Beasts reign and Nature blooms pure, humans at its mercy.

Scelsi’s String Trio was recorded specially for the film by the London Contemporary Orchestra and was Rome born, London based photographer/filmmaker Nicol Vizioli's first experiment with moving image. It is an abstract interpretation of Giacinto Scelsi's Quatro Movimento; Giacinto was a composer whose practice involved breaking the normal narratives within music composition.

Vizioli's film replicates this sentiment as it plays with a scewed view of Earth. An alternate Earth which is elemental and pure to Nature's primal form. There's no visual narrative, no destination. Humans and beasts move in a world which is both their antagonist and their cradle. Time and space are suspended, images equal archetypes.

Ice, cracked stones, bubbling geysers, lava, black earth, flesh, eyes, scales, hooves, fur... build an atmosphere of primal consciousness: being alive, instinctive, violent and pure.

Vizioli "Quattro Movimenti: A Study on Scelsi is my first experience with moving images. Commissioned by the London Contemporary Orchestra, the project began with just the music and demanded the creation of a visual world alongside it. Giacinto Scelsi is introspective and abstract, I was immediately captivated by the mystery of his work.

The images act as a counterpoint, my visual suggestion of what the music could be trying to explore. I saw glimpses of a world that is elemental and pure, where few creatures move in silence, alone but deeply connected with the vastness of it.

We shot over a weekend in Iceland and it was an incredible experience, which opened up many possibilities for my work, expanded my vision and the urge of exploring new media."


Written and Directed by Nicol Vizioli
Producer - Davide Caselli
Executive Producer - Finbar Mostyn-Williams
Line Producer - Harpa Einarsdottir
PA - Ivo Corda
DOP - Hakon Sverrisson
1st AC - Carolina Salas
Editor - Giorgio Gremigni
Stylist - Naz Di Nicola & Harpa Einarsdottir
MUA - Marta Nowakowska


Sveinn Reyr

Snæfríður Ingvarsdóttir
Tanja Björk Omarsdottir

Þóra María Egilsdóttir
Sunna Freysdòttir
Hera Lind Birgisdóttir
Halla Sigríður Ragnarsdóttir
Árni Bjartur Jónsson
Lárus Grétar Ólafsson

Horse - Gári

John Tavener, Svyati ‘O Holy One’ performed by The London Contemporary Orchestra with Oliver Coates (Cello)

Johann Helgi Hlöðversson
Kristjan Torr
Halldóra Eyfjörð
Sissa Ólafsdóttir
Helga Nina Aas
Maria Kjartansdottir
Eygló Margrét Lárusdóttir
Hrönn Huld Baldursdóttir
Elma Karen
Sòley Kristjànsdòttir 
Börkur Sigthorsson
Hjordis Liney Petursdottir
Hugh Brant
Robert Ames
Galya Bisengalieva
Amy Dodero
London Contemporary Orchestra


Mr. Blue Boy aka Brad Maney 




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