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Some Nights Only Make Sense Looking Back

On a night out, a girl overdoses at an underground rave. Unfolding in reverse chronology, ‘Rave’ traces the events of the night back to the beginning, revealing the intertwining stories of the people involved, including Jade whose night takes an unexpected turn after she finds herself alone at a rave.

Rave is an independent production that was completely crowdfunded. Through events and an extensive online campaign that also induced support from GiF in the early stages of the project, director Emily Macrander and her team managed to raise the budget for the director's second independent short film and began to build a community around the film that has been growing ever since Rave began its festival run. The film won Best International Short at New Renaissance Film Festival Amsterdam, was Longlisted for the 1.4 Awards and enjoyed numerous awards and screenings at festivals in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Turkey to name a few.

Macrander says: 'RAVE was always a film meant to take things a step further, creatively as well as in terms of production. I wanted to make something that was unique and daring in its approach to short-form filmmaking and found the opportunity for this in the idea to look at a night out from an unusual perspective – a reversed perspective. I wanted to make a film that authentically captured how easily a minor decision could lead to a bad outcome – especially within the raving subculture often demonised as the dark underbelly of nightlife. But my intention isn’t to judge, but rather to highlight how anyone alone in an unusual environment could make the decisions Jade makes - and so, RAVE is also a film about the search for connection and belonging.Central to what makes RAVE a unique experience is the controversial structure. The events play out backwards, each scene bringing us closer to the beginning of a night that ends with the drug overdose of a girl involved with the protagonist. The audience already knows the outcome of the decisions, but not what led to them, replacing rash judgement with a new viewpoint. RAVE is a story about small decisions and the big impact they can have.Making RAVE was challenging but rewarding and could never have been possible without the immense talent and dedication of everyone behind and in front of the camera. The scope of this project allowed me to connect the film with the music and event industry and now speaks for the broad reach this short film about one girl’s life-changing night out has.'