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The art of people watching.


Maltese/English Animator Gabriella Marsh's film is a 2D look at a multi-dimensional, not-so-quiet Spanish village square. Like a fly on the wall we listen into audio snippets of conversation between families and friends, now paired with line drawings composed on Gabriella's stay. These snippets, once in collage with each other, build a surround-sound like vista of the local community. Each corner of the square, a habitat for a new social happening.

This is the small square in Gracia, in the north of Barcelona. And its happenings range from neighbourhood feasts, football matches, Catalan separatist rallies and debates on tourist surges and rising property prices. Framed by the locals whose energies make up the older and traditional atmosphere, this is a sentimental preservation of a period of time where a long lasting, small community's life stays strong, but faces a turning point in the not too distant future.

Gabriella Marsh 'It’s a celebration of people watching and a nudge for people to slow down and take note of the changes that are constantly happening in the places we live. The film is hand drawn on paper, some sections are animated straight ahead, some frame by frame.I've tried to make a film that reflects the sensation of drawing from life. All the characters in the film are from sketches that I made when I was living in Barcelona. A drawing isn't a photo, it doesn't give you all the information, when I look back on my sketches I can see what I chose to focus on and omit. It's like a glimpse into the consciousness of whoever made it in that precise moment.'


Animation by @gabriella.marsh

Colouring assistant: Sanjana Chandrasekhar @animator.sanj

Sound mix: Tatiana Sanches design

Foley: Joe Bush @jbus_