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Alone in a homey Japanese eatery, a schoolboy reminisces his failed attempts to woo his crush.

From vintage robot figurines, kitsch 90s style pop posters, randomly placed east Asian snacks and buoyant vinyl record covers, director Jessica Wu creates a world of nostalgia.  

SWEET MEMORIES is to be felt as much as seen. Wu’s film is inspired by Taiwanese and Japanese cinema from Edward Yang to Yasujirō Ozu, and a secret nostalgia of her own: her recollection of growing up with a goofy younger brother.

Combining her memory into this world, Sweet Memories centers around an animated and upbeat little boy jamming to Hawaiian track “Lihue” (meaning “cold chill” in Hawaiian) and pondering on lost love. The highs and lows of this schoolboy crush are vivid.

SWEET MEMORIES is an ode to the adored charm and almost immortal dreamscape of childhood - at least until teenage chaos seeps in.

Jessica Wu "This short film answers the question: What if Stephen Chow directed A Brighter Summer Day? SWEET MEMORIES is a swan song to the innocent liveliness a little kid possesses before the teenage years eclipse––an embrace of all the silliness and messiness of preteen love.

I am honored to have attained the rights to the classic 1977 Hawaiian groove track, "Lihue", as it sparked the entire idea and perfectly expresses the heartbroken wistful longing of our boy."





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Featuring “Lihue” by Nohelani Cypriano

Director & Producer @jessicajmwu

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Production Co. @undividedcreative

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