Thank You, Neck

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A young designer Sophie is on a journey coping with her recent cancer diagnosis

We meet Sophie on a night out with coworkers where she drunkenly steals a Louisiana Blue crab from a fish market. Shortly after, a routine check-up with her primary care doctor leads to a series of tests that reveal that Sophie is in the early stages of thyroid cancer. Sophie cares for the crab in her bathtub as she remains reluctant to treat her disease. Sophie seeks the help of an ayurvedic practitioner who provides space for her growth and eventual acceptance of her new situation. The crab represents Sophie's illness and, as she begins to accept her conditions and care for herself, she must learn to let the crab go and move on into this new chapter head-on.

This film is loosely based on the director's own experience dealing with thyroid disease for over 10 years. The film serves as a therapeutic exploration of grief and healing in the creative process.

The director Marion Forbes notes: 'I grew up in East Tennessee where access to adequate women’s healthcare and mental health services was difficult to come by. The stigma around seeking mental health services alone was enough to keep someone in a downward spiral of suffering for years. Even to this day, my own family has extreme difficulty getting their thyroid tested by doctor’s who don’t take their very real symptoms seriously. Though this film is a fictional adaptation of my own experience, my hope is to share this story as widely as I can. My hope is that Thank You, Neck can serve as a talking point around seeking help, treatment, and mental health services for those who may not know how to discuss the subject otherwise.'


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