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An observational film into the lives of Venezuelans trying to save a local bakery in the midst of the country's economical crisis.

Produced by Girls In Film and commissioned by The Guardian, this short documentary shows us a mere microcosm of what life is like for Venezuelans.

Text from The Guardian>>

In the midst of Venezuela’s spiralling economic crisis, Natalia and fellow members of a Chavista collective have stepped in to take over production at a local bakery, La Minka. Authorities had suspended operations when the owners were accused of overpricing their loaves and hoarding flour. In March 2017, with the tacit support of the government, the collective began selling affordable bread. This is the story of their fight to safeguard the bakery's future and keep the Chavista dream alive.

Through this observational film, the day-to-day realities of living through Venezuela's crisis are revealed. The different aspects of Natalia's life – home and motherhood, work, activism, the bakery and the expression of resistance she finds in dance – shine a light on the soul of a nation struggling to survive.

Key credits

  • Filmed, directed and produced by Susy Peña
  • Edited by Irené Baque and Ekaterina Ochagavia
  • Associate producer: Nikola Vasakova
  • Executive producers for the Guardian: Charlie Phillips, Jacqueline Edenbrow, Tracy McVeigh and Claudine Spera
  • Commissioned by the Guardian