The Colour Of Your Lips/ La Couleur de tes Lèvres

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A diver and a woman appear to be the only survivors in a world that's run out of breathable air.

We are not told what the cataclysmic event might be. But the world is no longer fit for human beings. Waking into an atmosphere where it's suddenly impossible to breathe, a diver and a woman appear to be the only survivors. As their reserves of air run out, will they make love or war?

This film is 18 minutes long, and has no dialogue, whatsoever. Instead we follow the two human beings as they attempt to make sense of their life in apocalypse. At first they show the obvious human condition of finding solace in another human being to rely on, but as the depth of their situation reveals itself their conscious humanity begins to unravel into stripped back animal nature for survival.

Annick Blanc, 'With this short I wanted to craft a dreamlike and engaging narrative, without a single line of dialogue, confronting my two characters with their most primal instincts and fears in a unique post-apocalyptic world.'


Prod - @midilanuitfilms

Prod - @mariagraciaturgeon

Director Writer - @mme_annick_blanc

DOP - @derekbranscombe

Actor - @kpourkatia

Actor @alexislabinne

Distribituor - @travellingdistribution

Art Director - @mariepierfortier

Costume - @_melanie_garcia

Line Producer - @fred__mtl

Line Producer @ninijomphe

Art Director - @la_petite_huot

Makup @hasbine

Assistant director @cathkirouac