The WAPIDEMIC (Mockumentary)

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Double standards are laid bare in this funny take on the male reception of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's WAP-(idemic)

From Congo-born, South Africa-raised actor and filmmaker Céline Tshika The WAPIDEMIC is a satirical dive into the impact that Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’ had on the lives of 4 men, who refer to themselves as ’The Gents.’ The mockumentary chronicles how the behaviour of the women in their lives caused them to take action towards ending what they call ’The Wapidemic.'

Céline Tshika 'We’ve known about the double-standards that exist in so many areas; this song, and its online backlash from men, was the perfect example of how uncomfortable society still is with women owning their sexuality. Besides Missy Elliott growing up, I never really listened to rap music until 2017 when I discovered Cardi B’s mixtapes. I realised that I'd never resonated with rap before that because women were almost exclusively just sexual objects in the songs. Women rappers got me into rap.

Reading through men’s thinkpieces made me laugh at how absurdly blatant the double-standard was, and so I combined those thoughts with my personal encounters to create the friendship group ’The Gents.’ Humour is my vehicle for activism, and the absurdity in sexism made a documentary the ideal format for this topic.'


Director: @celinetshika

D.o.P./Colourist: @michael_carter_filmmaker

A.C.: @jacintssss

Sound Op: @han_2_cool

Line Producer/Editor: @celinetshika

Theme song produced by @mikhaela_faye