To Be A Woman

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A young woman's struggle with her identity as she comes to terms with her reproductive health issues.

'To Be A Woman' dives deep into emotional and psychological complexities of the lead Tori's personal identity as a woman, and what this means to her after receiving life changing news. We are taken on Tori's journey of confusion, suppression and breaking point until finally she comes to a heartbreaking reflection on her life as a woman. When we are taught in our culture that to be a woman equals to be a mother or to be able to be a mother - how do people from groups excluded from this path feel? 

To Be A Woman' is not based on a specific true story, however it's based on real life, on a collective experience that many women face and director's own. This film is a voice for women whose narratives have been silence, to allow women to express their truth and to be understood.

Reflecting on her own experience, Golding said: 'To Be A Woman' means a lot to me as it comes from a place of truth for myself and so many women. Female reproductive issues and inequality impact 1/3 - 1/10 women, yet if so common why as a society are we unaware of this? For a start we need to openly talk to address the stigma, shame, and lack of education around these topics. 'To Be A Woman’ is a conversation, a place to feel seen, to break boundaries and is a movement for all.

The film was birthed from my own illness suffering severely from PCOS, as well as PMDD and potential endometriosis (I'm still fighting for diagnosis on this). I was in a very unstable place health wise with no medical help, I was actually shunned away multiple times. I was fighting for my health, and with this 'To Be A Woman' was born. I wrote out my struggles into a story and after many drafts I knew this had to be my next film. With this I decided I had to do women who have suffered with any reproductive health issue justice. I set up a live survey, I spoke to multiple women on their experiences, I researched and everything boiled down to misinformation, a lack of care and women feeling they aren't "right", that there is something ultimately "wrong" with them. The majority we're questioning themselves as women, as I had done too.

Then it came to actually making the film. I couldn't afford to self fund, I highly doubted that funding for this kind of film would be available due to the taboo nature so I started a crowd fund. I often ask myself why the subjects and experiences that so many of us go through are labelled as taboo... but that's a conversation for another day.

Gaining support for the film from the public and the industry was a sign that people wanted to hear this unheard female narrative, that it was as important as I thought.

‘To Be A Woman’ is a film for all people, this isn’t just for females, this is a topic we need to all be aware of and to all speak about if we want change and inclusivity. It may be a silenced topic for the most part currently, but women are suffering, being denied health care, being denied their truth and this needs to change. Women should feel free to be able to speak their truth without judgment and shame.

My heart holds a special place for 'To Be A Woman’ and towards everyone who made it possible. I love this film and I can only hope the film helps raise awareness, opens up conversation and helps move us into a place where women can speak and fight for their truth'


Director & Writer @ev_golding
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