Words We Don't Say

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A poetic short about the complexities of a father and daughter relationship

Told through a series of fragments and memories, Words We Don’t Say reflects on the difficulties of intergenerational communication, and questions the possibility of finding empathy and understanding in a place of resentment. If parenthood provides a unique opportunity for personal rebirth, is there any hope of redemption for those that squander it? Set to an original composition written by singer-songwriter Matt Maltese and the track ‘Robyn’ from cast member CKTRL, the film asks its audience to consider how they might resonate with its story, leaving them to reflect on their own experiences and unresolved questions surrounding forgiveness and alienation.

Ezeike says: 'This is an incredibly personal project for me. I wanted to humanise fathers who struggle with showing their vulnerability and perhaps give them a voice in a society that often is critical of them. In the same breath, allowing daughters to feel the weight of that without carrying the responsibility for how their fathers choose to navigate life. I wanted to approach this story as some sort of therapy and hopefully allow space for healing for those who come across it.'


Starring. @cktrl @kibreacarmichael @ghettosocialite & @solelamalila beautiful daughter sayuri.

Director and writer. @ellaezeikedop. @jaimeackroyd

producer. @bindybaby @racket.studio

executive producer: @akinoladaviesjr

composition. @matthewmaltese and @cktrleditor.

Colour @lainyblackcolourist. @jasoncolourist @etc.colouredit

producer. @joshahwawasound

design. @j.tilladubbing

mixer: @bankeyojo

gaffer: esteban gimpelewiczelectrician. james hawkins

1st.ad. @bunmi.ft

steadicam. @beauxpj1st

AC. @lawrencebeckwith2nd

AC(s). esther edusi & anastasiya cherkasyuk.

narration. @_michaelajao

makeup: @karlaqleonbts

photography. @milliehardinghamwords. @katievbrset

designer. @chenssxstylist. @ailsachaplinproduction

assistant. @nezzle_runner(s). oliver pulbrook & oscar raeworth