4nouki - Dreamworld

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A fantastic-poetic journey of underwater creature who wants to discover the world and oneself.

Dreamworld, a music video by French 3D animator Anouk Boyer Mazal set to her own music which she creates under the pseudonym 4nouki follows the story of Axo, a small creature inspired by axolotls (a paedomorphic salamander closely related to the tiger salamander). Living in an underwater fantastic world, they dream of reaching the stars. Axo start an initiatory and contemplative journey through their aquatic universe which unfolds its magic in front of their eyes to the rhythm of ambient music. By daring to discover the unknown and leave their refuge, Axo discover a new facet of their underwater world. There they meet a group of glowing worms, who will help them transform by gaining wings and make their dream of reaching stars come true.

Director Anouk Boyer Mazal says: 'Fascinated by the underwater world and all its magical plants and creatures, I’ve always wanted to imagine an underwater story from a poetical fantasy perspective. As the music is from my own musical project, I’ve started composing the song already thinking about this world and this creature. I’m fascinated by axolotls but also magic, so I thought I would combine both and talk about metamorphosis as this subject is important to me : switching from one state to another, and discovering things through a new perspective. As a woman in the 3D industry, I thought it was important to work with other women as this industry is still very masculine, so I brought with me two friends who I studied 3D with, and together we’ve worked on giving birth to the story all in 3D.'


Director, Musician and 3D artist : Anouk Boyer Mazal / 4nouki @4nouki
3D artist : Caroline Dedenis @monicamonaco_
3D artist : Clara Macé @clara.cm3