Afrancis - Lonely People

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A performer meets a stranger who connects with her in an otherwise unreceptive crowd

Afrancis is a Swedish singer-songwriter. After high school, she chose to focus on theatre studies and fell in love with the physical and free theater form. Afrancis met her match in Swedish born, London based filmmaker Hedvig Ahlberg, whose passion also lies in dance, but through moving image.

Together they wanted to create a world that symbolises the feeling of loneliness that Afrancis speaks about in the song. Set in an Central London pub where Afrancis is about to perform, Lonely People is about being surrounded by a lot of people but not feeling that you have any real close relationships with anyone. The audience is not very receptive of her music and she seeks for like-minded people, people just like her, in the crowd.

Almost out of thin air a human appears, she doesn’t care what others think and she resonates with the music like no one ever has. She takes up the space and lets the music fill her with emotion and movement.
Almost through animalistic movements the two of them starts to gravitate towards each other – seeking that connection they yet haven’t found, but have been longing for.

Ahlberg, " When Afrancis approach me with this track I immediately got drawn to it’s complexity in being an upbeat pop song with an underlying sadness. I wanted to create a world that heightened and emphasised the feeling of loneliness that Afrancis sings about. She sings about being surrounded by a lot of people but not having any real emotional connections, and I wanted the pub crowd to mirror that feeling, but also to project their own loneliness onto Afrancis by not accepting her in that space. "