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A cinematic narrative of love and loss set in the Moroccan desert

Set in the vast, scorching Moroccan desert, director Savannah Setten’s music video for up and coming R&B artist Amber Olivier touches on something most of us know all too well - heartbreak. ‘One Unread’ sees Olivier gazing at her reflection in the shards of a broken mirror while reminiscing on a past relationship. As well as perfectly accompanying the melancholy of the lyrics, Setten’s visuals seem to enhance the natural beauty of the Moroccan landscape. The poignant final image of the burning tree against the desert at dusk is wonderfully arresting .

According to Setten, ‘the concept was to blur the boundaries between memory, reality and explosive elements of a woman’s imagination. Watching the branches set alight behind Amber & Louis before they touched was a nostalgic moment for me as the image was inspired by a personal experience of my own - though I’ve never been sat beneath a flaming tree in the desert! The aim was to recreate the world of electric chemistry between two people that “sets you alight”.’