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A meditation on Englishness and the story of Adam and Eve.

London born, NY/ LA based filmmaker Margot Bowman gets her inspiration from club culture and the legacy of British youth movements — Punks, Mods, Acid House & UKG. This set the tone for the alternative reality she creates in her latest music video for Babeheaven. The video was shot on 35mm at Nancy’s grandmother's cottage in Sussex and is a meditation on Englishness and the story of Adam and Eve.

Bowman " This special film was my first shoot back and it gave me clarity on why making matters. The process of collectively creating an alternative world felt so poignant after weeks of isolation. I know making work like this is therapeutic; it gives me hope, makes me laugh and reconnects me to the potential that lies all around us. So often in media we’re told ‘this is how it is’ or fed a world view where our ability to create change feels insurmountable in relation to the scale of the forces at play. But every act of creativity is challenge to that status quo. It’s proof that we can shape our own reality, make choices about how we want our world to be and what values we want it to have. To everyone who was a part of that process, thank you for bringing your best and I’m looking fwd to next time. "

Musician Nancy “I wanted to write a song about creation. Whenever we create we subsequently end up destroying something in a huge way or a small way. But there is always light behind the dark even when you can’t see it yet. It’s a comment on media, how we ingest it at an unhealthy rate - the news becomes fads instead of feeling real. I wrote this song about communication and how we consume it in so many different ways. I didn’t want it to be too negative so I wrote the chorus as a relief from the darkness of the verses.

I am someone who enjoys being at home and who has comfort in my belongings as I don't immediately feel comfortable in my own skin. On stage, as a plus size black woman, I have not always felt like myself or like I could express myself, it's only something I have started to take into my own hands recently.”

Babeheaven, the project of West Londoners Nancy Andersen and Jamie Travis, will release their much anticipated debut album, Home For Now, on 6th November 2020 via AWAL. An album about relationships - friendships, family and romantic partners, past and present