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A love letter in the form of a music video: BABY BLEU searches for a fated dating app match, Romeo.

Aisha Bolaji is a Nigerian-Irish freelance creative director and visual artist. Her work often takes inspiration from her own heritage as well as pop culture. Honey is a love letter to 90s and early 2000s teen romantic comedies. The BABY BLEU crew embark on a journey to find BABY BLEU’s fated dating app match, Romeo. With eccentric sets, intimate gazes, car chases and heads buried in the clouds, the music video accompanies the soft and sweet melody of the song in its own bubble. 

Aisha Bolaji Honey is a reflection of love from a distance, so the video became an ode to the teen rom-coms of the 90s and the early 2000s that I felt embodied that feeling. These were films that I loved and grew up with but didn’t see myself actively represented in as a young Black person. I’ve definitely been the type of person who can fall easily into deep states of infatuation and I wanted to bring that feeling to its extremity. Everything had to be an over exaggeration with a mix of reality and fantasy. I wanted to create something so unapologetically feminine with a focus on happiness and silliness.  The team really trusted my vision from floating heads to boys turning to fluff and it was simply joyous.

We shot the music video over two days, with the first day being in the Kobba Studio space in Dublin and the second day in one of the production designers’ apartments. The whole cast and crew were amazing to work with, everyone was just laughing in between takes. Being at an early stage in my career, it was really something else having everyone give 100% and then some for this project. I had collaborated with Paul Gleeson before as my DOP and the whole process of working together on Honey felt quite effortless."


Director: @whosaisha
DOP/Colourist: @paulgleeson_
First A.C: @kasimrareali
First A.D: @meghan_shox
Editor: @Ian_Fallon
Production Design: @lilyohneill
Production Design: @ciarafarrelldesigns
Production Design: @ciarakellydesign
Make-Up Artist: @DorisMwale1
Costume Design: @whosaisha
Costume Design: @babybleu.s
Studio Space:
Music: @babybleu.s
Music: @romeo.on.line