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A romantic relationship between two con women gets tested when they take a man prisoner in his own home.

Natalie Fält (she/her) is a production designer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. She is also founder of Art house film community Women And Film and co-founder of FFFEST, a film festival that ran 2019-2020.

Natalie's latest film Bandits is a psychological thriller that explores the nuances within two criminal's behaviour, mentality and relationship. The film's two criminals: two con women in a romantic relationship.

One woman seduces a man to be prisoner in his own home. But left alone with the man, over time, she begins to project on him a twisted, metaphysical bond as he lies captive in his own bed.  In the wait for her con-woman lover she begins to draw parallels between his captivity and the captivity she feels within her own relationship.  

Natalie Fält 'The idea from the film came when I was watching an old episode of Unsolved Mysteries.  They were telling the story of two women who were wanted for a string of cons but it was also so obvious to me that the women were in a romantic relationship (although they didn't note that in the show).  I started to imagine the dynamics between the women and visualize a film that was almost like a play, where most of the film took place in a bedroom and we got to see the interaction between a criminal and their victim but also the humanity of someone who has chosen to normalize a life of crime.  

I found parallels in my own life at the time where I was in a relationship with someone who was suffering greatly and how we had normalized and made excuses for things that we once would find crazy.  Perhaps I wanted to investigate this phenomenon more deeply, subconsciously, to understand how we can end up in places we didn't intend.  Creatively the film was a way for me to explore working closely with actors and I was able to have a very collaborative relationship with the cast on this film.  We had fun developing the characters together and the making of the film was one of the most magical experiences I have had to date.'


Starring: @_kateada_ @annacordell @markpolish

written and directed by: @nataliefalt

produced by: @annimal_planet @jesyodio @sandwichvideo

DP: @patrick_jones

Colorist + Editor: @shinykid

Composer: @whoiswynn

Costume Designer: @alexandriavenegas