Black Molasses

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A songwriter's self-directed short follows a day in the life of Gaia: a young woman whose experiences echo those of Mother Earth

Scarlett Fae is a 24-year-old, Brighton-based neo soul songwriter and singer who is interested in telling stories across platforms. She’s currently working on four standalone tracks that are each accompanied by a visual short piece, rather than a standard music video. This film was Fae’s directorial debut, made to accompany her latest single, ‘Black Molasses’, a ballad that explores the issues surrounding climate change and the health of planet earth. Written by and starring Scarlett Fae, it follows a regular Sunday in the life of a young woman called G (for Gaia) — exploring a correlation between her experiences and those of Mother Earth. It was filmed at the start of the year with the help of a small, close-knit crew and cast.

Fae "For a while, I had felt the visual for ‘Black Molasses’ couldn’t be a ‘standard’ music video if the gravity and personal importance of the track was to be portrayed on screen. After getting some initial support on the idea to create a short, I thought about how to parallel the feeling in it with the lyrical content and ended up with Gaia. She became a character that was an amalgamation of parts of myself and of my closest friends. Hopefully, women who are Black/mixed, queer and/or in their mid 20s might see a little of their experience in the short piece through G and her peers.

"I massively underestimated the task of shooting this year amidst certain restrictions, co-directing something I'd written whilst also being onscreen too, acting & dancing. Nathan Shadrach, Aimée Blowers, Fola Abatan and Eleanor Fusaro went over and beyond. There were a whole bunch of learning curves but the crew we had (made up overwhelmingly of our mates) made the whole vision possible. I'll forever be grateful for how much everybody put into this."


Director: Scarlett Fae @_scarlettfae/

Co-director: Nathan Shadrach - @shadrach4real

Label: Headcount Records @headcount_records

DOP: Fola Abatan - @folaabatandop

Stylist: Aimée Blowers - @aimeeblowers

Choreographer: Stuart Rouse - @stuartrouse

Casting Director: Eleanor Fusaro - @eleanorrosefusaro

MUAs: Ebun Abatan - @ebunabatan

Margherita Fabbro - @margheritafabbro_mua

1st AC: Eyaz Chishty - @eyyaz

2nd AC: Joel Rosenberg - @dbw_cam

Sound Recordist: Eduardo Puhl - @elp_audio

Chief Lighting Technician: Sonny Mihajlovic

Lighting Technician: Savannah Seymour - @savannahseymourr