Cancer Is Gay

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Fresh out of the closet Maggie plunges into an imagined affair to distract from the reality of her cancer treatment.

Based on their personal experience and made with their older sister, Canadian director Macaulee Cassaday stars as 17 year-old Maggie, fresh out of the closet and going through cancer treatment. While undergoing chemo, Maggie escapes by rewatching the same bad lesbian movie (a la "Loving Annabelle"). When she meets Jesse, a fellow teen cancer patient, she plunges into an imagined affair that further distracts her from reality.

Cassaday says: 'When I was 17, I felt a heaviness in my chest. I thought that coming out as gay would alleviate that feeling but it turns out it was actually just a tumour… lol. I was the girl watching the same bad lesbian movie over and over again (it was actually the L Word) desperate to get a glimpse into the reality I wanted but as of yet could not attain because of my illness.'


Directed by - Macaulee Cassaday @macauleefamsizedoreos and Saffron Cassaday @saffroncassaday

Producer/writer - Macaulee Cassaday

Producer - @midoriglory

DoP - Ben Ainsworth

Music Composition - Marcus Iwama  

HMU - Shenley Boyd and Sara Condemi

Colorist - Marika Litz

Sound Design and Mixing - Daniela Hart

Production Sound Mixer - Jamey Rassweiler