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Male vulnerability explored in this music video where a boy goes to war with himself.

England born, Catalonian raised filmmaker, Ella Kirby designed the music video Canvas so that it would delve deep into the positive outcomes that can come from showing male sensitivity. Initially Kirby wrote a story and script called Casus Belli - Casus Belli a Latin phrase meaning A reason to go to war. And true enough, Canvas depicts a story which navigates the bonds of male friendship through times of trauma. The Latin phrase combined with Kirby's care for her own brother, Joe, to whom the video is dedicated to is << what inspired me to write a story about a boy going to war with himself >> says Kirby <<to show my brother and other men that it's a strength to release pain, rather than stifle it. >>

With the story underway, Kirby and Barcelona artist RØ decided to collaborate, finding RØ's song Canvas the perfect fit; his personal lyrics seemingly perfect for the story's sensitive themes.

Kirby << The video was made by friends/filmmakers over two days in our home county of the Priorat, Catalonia. A one hour rehearsal, barely any budget, borrowed equipment, the piece captures the energy of the moment.

Existing within its own realm, Canvas is an open ending. I believe that people’s lives, and consequently stories, are nature. Everything takes its own course and culminates in something intangible. Some refer to it as magic. As a filmmaker I believe this is the essence of what we do, connecting the dots and allowing those who watch our films to follow this invisible thread. Threads like these are something I believe so many people lack today; a community, an ethos of sharing, and connections that come with that. Within my filmmaking, both during the process and in the final film, I aim to emit a coming together of differences through a language we can all understand. This film, without dialogue, speaks to everyone.

I grew up abroad, in the wild, and quickly learned of this third language: observing and empathising. I was extremely fortunate to have adventurous parents. They taught me to travel far for what you want, to share bread and to share ideas. In this same vain, directing is an endless fulfilment of purpose for me.

The backbone of this video is the team behind it. Clàudia Grosche, photographer and artist, Maria Burges, a multi-disciplined creative from Barcelona and Roger Abella the singer-songwriter and musician, all worked so hard to make it all come together. Director of Photography Bryan Lim from Singapore, brought his unique perspective through his honesty and sensitivity — his involvement in the development of the narrative so key. >>

A special thanks to the whole crew, Maggie & Martin at Mother’s Garden, Monica Rodríguez and Napalm Rentals, Sam Holmes and the team at OB Management for their support, Jax Harney at CHEAT, Craig Bingham at DadBod Films, Blai and Family & Girls In Film.