Drug Store Romeos - What's On Your Mind

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The rabbit holes of thought interpreted into a dreamy animation.

Qianhui Yu is an animation director, illustrator, creative visual designer. Graduated from Royal College of Art in 2020.

This music video is her latest animation and visual translation for Artis Drug Store Romeos. They comment on the meaning of the song: “The last half of the song is sort of our interpretation of a mental journey through realisations about past situations that send you down rabbit holes of thought that end up linking to other rabbit holes. During this journey you go through positive and negative emotions, but the negative emotions are not inherently bad and can lead to positive change. ‘What’s On Your Mind’ is also about perspective change and was made for listening to at 10pm as you’re settling in for the night.”

Qianhu Yu 'Recently I created this ethereal animation for Drug Store Romeos' track What's On Your Mind. I decided to create an abstract visual journey for the beautiful song and agreed with the band on using this distinctive grain effect to make the video more dreamy.

Due to the release date being less than a month away, the production time was really intense, but I really had a wonderful time while making it!'


Film - @qianhui_yuu


Music - @DrugStoreRomeos