A beautiful coming-of-age short about a Finnish-Somali teen in Helsinki

Fardosa is a short coming-of-age fiction film shot in Helsinki, Finland 2019. The entire cast consists of Finnish-Somali non-professional actors. And the film is a collaboration between its co-stars Rukia Mahamed and Iqlaas Osman – first-time actors, writers and filmmakers – and director Anton Tammi.

The film is titled after it's lead character, Fardosa (acted by Rukia Mahamed). The film's dream-like sequences build a vision of Fardosa's identity and her experience of life and relationships growing up as a teen in Helsinki. Her bond with her cousin envelops a deep, sincere understanding of one another, which in turn opens up the framework of their culture. And their wider circle - their friends around the city- show the girls just having a good time.

In the film the character Fardosa sums up her multi-dimensional identity: 

“Sometimes I feel like I live more than one life.

There’s the one I live with my family. And another one I live with my friends.

But then there’s the third one that I live by myself.”

Rukia Mahamed, Actor and Director “Personally to me it’s a film about a girl that always is willing to put others first and trying to please her family and friends until she starts to lose herself in everyones world, sometimes she just wants to disappear in her own peaceful world.”

Iqlaas Osman, Actor and Director “It’s a young woman’s journey of growth within the generational and cultural framework. Finally seeing Fardosa’s character floating to a dream like state.”

Anton Tammi, Director “Collaborating with Rukia and Iqlaas was alot based on improvisation, that allowed them to tell their own story, with their own style. The film is an end result of our collective values, moods, and taste that we all share.”


A film by Rukia Mahamed, Iqlaas Osman and Anton Tammi

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Cast: Rukia Mahamed, Iqlaas Osman, @marianjuni, @nuggtt_baby @saamiamohamud,
Saamia Kinzi Roble

Additional Cast: Subaido Ali, Suado Khalif, Najma Warsame, Fatima Ahmed, Roda Ahmed
Osman, Jawahir Ahmed, Najmo Elmi, Katrin Panicheva, Degmo Muhumud, Nimo Ahmed,
Shukri Mumin, Nasra Hagi Farah, Kaltun Muuse, Sagal Ibrahim, Hamdi Ibrahim, Sumea
Abdalla Ali, Saafi Duhulow and Tiina Alame

Casting: Hamda Muhumud and Sara Salmani
Producers: @xamdahh, @sarazsalmani, @saskiawhinney & @_matias_autio_
Assistant Producer: @katariinaainosylvia & @jimiheeenrik
Executive Producers: @jannek5, @howelltheowl and Carlo @illangelo Montagnese
Produced by Tiistai and Somesuch

DP: @eriklovhenriksson
1st AC: Jouko Piipponen @josifsurma
Gaffer: Ville Tolvanen @tolvasenville
2nd AC: Joonas Schwank @jopsista_virallinen
Grip: Joonas Saine @saine47
Electricians: Rosa Mäkinen, Joonas Vainikka, Kari Virtaka and Aku Koskinen
Forest Lights: Koptercam @koptercam
Production Designer: @ellevoila
Set Design Assitant: Joska Heikkilä @joska.heikkila
Stylist: @mariakorkeila
Assistant Stylist: @ursulapic.tm
Designers: @emmasaarnio @eetukemp @vanessa_schindler @vynerarticle @villepolho
Makeup: @fatmabendris
Makeup Assistants: @varjonoora and Iida Rajaviita @iidarajaviita
Catering: @siljaminkkis @lehtori.silkkine

Editors: @jannelikesthatone, Christian Zimmermann @_chriszimmermann and Tim Montana
Additional Editing: Matthias Gaatz & Hannes Weishaupt

VFX: Hugo Kiekeben / Post Control Helsinki @postcontrolhelsinki
Colorist: Joakim Rissveds @joakimriss
3D: Oscar Böckerman @oscu
Graphic Design: @aleksitammi
Sound Designer: Akseli Soini (El Camino) @aksoi
Sound Recording: @benleh
Additional Recording: Pontus Borg and Anssi Karjala

“Far Away”, composed by Carlo “Illangelo” Montagnese
“Karma”, composed by Whitearmor
“Frutta e Verdura”, composed by Gud & Whitearmor
“Girls just want to have fun”, Bladee & Ecco2k
“Vietnam Bells”, Movi, composed by Lucio Westermoreland (Movi)
“Blanket”, composed by Lucio Westermoreland (Movi)
“God<Cum”, composed by Lucio Westermoreland (Movi)
“Merilyns Film”, composed by Lucio Westermoreland (Movi)
“Missing”, composed by Lucio Westermoreland (Movi)
“They will prosper”, composed by Adam Rajab (Omrann)
“Oma iTT3s”, IBE, Cavallini & Shrty, composed by Ville Laitinen, Ilmari Kärki, Yahye
Mahdi, Rashid Mohamed (Skorpioni 2018)
BTS: @siljaminkkis

Thank you: @siljaminkkis, Aleksi Tikander, Sofia Misgena, Helene Misgena, Liyo Gong, Ida
Gundogdu, Jake Hunter, Selimoskar Segerstam, Miriami Pesonen, Andreas Arvidsson,
Anders Johannessen, Anders Håheim, Sala Mboup, @kirmomanninen and Carmen