Baby, a fallen angel escapes her jailer Angel with the help of a mysterious motorcyclist.

What it means to be a Devil in an Angel-riddled world? We follow Baby, a fallen angel, as she escapes her jailer Angel with the help of a mysterious motorcyclist.

Directed by Giulia Mucci, this music video for Powerplant's energetic track Grass is set in Italy's medieval town of Pacentro. Shot on 35mm film stock and using real-life farmers and local youth as actors, she brought to life a narrative challenging the concept of Good and Evil.

Mucci says: 'As a young Italian director, I felt the need of reimagining the outdated religious belief still rooted in my society, especially the rural one, in order to reclaim tradition while learning how to preserve and value it. Ours is a story about a fallen angel whose only sin was yearning for freedom. On Powerplant's punk notes, we hope to challenge discriminatory and oppressive stereotypes whilst creating our own new alternatives, offering Girls In Film's audience a music video about the resilience of alternative youth living Italy's most regressive realities.'


Director: Giulia Mucci -

Producer: Maria Clara Taglienti

Production manager: Rocco Marcandino -

DOP: Xavier Tozzi Fontana -

Cast: Antonina Leniarska -

Cast: Giocondo Sciore

Cast: Giuseppe Di Martino

Colorist: Alessandro Pelliccia

Post-production service: Augustus Color -

Costume designer: Martina Dolcimascolo -

Set designer: Ludovica Galletta -

Make Up / Hair: Eleonora Sergio -

1st Camera Assistant: Giacomo Piccolo -

2nd Camera Assistant: Elisa Fioritto -

Gaffer: Callum Begley -

Electrician: Sebastian Bonolis -

Key Grip: Lorenzo Mancini -

Production Assistant: Alessio Callea -

Driver: Pietro Marcandino -

Catering: Alla Casa Vecchia -

Location manager: Massimo Giardini