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A gang of Femme Sauvages howl to womxn powers.

Electric Wind is the first track release from Gypsy’s EP. Inhabited with the original spirit of hip hop, the spirituality of Jamaican music and the irreverent tone of trap and grime the song is an anthem to all the witches in the world, pushing for the power of sorority and reclaiming womxn's magic, without compromise. With an ethos of a gang of wolves, the video directed by Gypsy, filmed by Jérémie Fontaine, is a show of power from Gypsy and her << Femmes Sauvages >> ie. Wild Women.

Gypsy and her wolf cubs seem to come straight out of a retro future post apocalyptic world ready to electrify our second and third eyes. The wolves howls dusted throughout the EP are there to represent the powers of wild women; a direct peep to Clarissa Pinkola Estés' spiritual book « Women running with the wolves ». With the howls come reminders of womxn's untameable characters and deep wild nature.

<<We don’t know where she comes from but Gypsy knows where she’s going and she doesn’t beat around the bush to get her way. >>